Thank you all for coming to my celebration today
We are celebrating life and living the right way
If it were left up to me, we wouldn’t need all of this
Just a smile and a chat, or maybe a hug and a kiss
If I had more time I’d sit and talk with you all
No problem too big and no joy too small
We could discuss many things like my beloved Dodger Blue
But what’s really important to me is what’s important to you
But you already know that, I assume that’s why you’re here
Friends from all over some far and some near
To hang out with a guy who tried every day
To impress upon people the value of fair play
Fair play in sports and fair play in life
Be a good friend, husband, or wife
Try to set an example every chance that you get
Live life every day without any regrets
Don’t make excuses they tend not to impress
But don’t apologize either when you’ve given it your best
So, what would I say if I could give you advice?
Make a difference each day and try to be nice
Nice to the people less fortunate than you
Just take an interest in them, it’s easy to do
Now, grieve if you must because crying is Ok
But in between tears take time to pray
Pray that you’ll have a family like I do
Family and friends and umpiring crews
I’ll leave you with a statement that a good friend of mine said
This isn’t goodbye; but see you later instead.

Written by former Saydel student-athlete and read at Brent’s funeral